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Reasons People Don’t Visit a Financial Advisor

July 13, 2023

Why wouldn’t someone want to work with a financial advisor? In today’s episode, we’ll discuss some common reasons why someone might hesitate to work with one. To some, having an advisor sounds like added cost or something only for the rich. Instead, the value you receive from an advisor and having a customized financial plan could make all the difference in your financial life.

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Mailbag: Should I Help My Parents with Long-Term Care Costs?

July 6, 2023

For those in the sandwich generation, you may be wondering how much to help aging parents who weren’t prepared for long-term care costs or your children trying to pay for college. Is it wise to step up financially to help them or are you better off focusing on your own retirement savings? This dilemma is a common one and something a financial advisor can help you to navigate realistically. When you come through a planning process, you might discover an opportunity to help your parents or other family members without hurting your financial future. 

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3 Qualities of Money

June 29, 2023

All money has one (or two) of these three qualities: safety, liquidity, and growth. Eric shares which types of accounts carry these qualities for your money and why you should have a mix of each quality. What are the benefits and risks associated with each one?

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Awkward Financial Conversations

June 22, 2023

As a financial advisor, Eric has experience navigating some awkward conversations when it comes to managing money. Whatever the dynamic, you want to work with a financial advisor and fiduciary who can guide you through the situation.

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Knowing Your Money Mindset

June 15, 2023

When it comes to money, there are a variety of different stances and mindsets people have. Eric has seen a bit of everything in his years as a financial advisor. In this episode, he talks through some of the mindsets he frequently sees and how he advises people to best approach the mindset they are in with money.

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The Different Types of Financial Risk

June 8, 2023

Life always has risk, and there are several types of financial risk. Do you know how much risk you have in your portfolio? Understanding the different types of risk may help you understand what kind of risk you are exposed to.

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Good News, Bad News

June 1, 2023

Sometimes you get good news and bad news at the same time. Which one will outweigh the other? More times than not, you are better off than you expected but you won’t know until you ask a professional. In this episode, we talk through a number of financial scenarios that can bring a bit of both good and bad.

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401(k) Considerations

May 25, 2023

A 401(k) is a highly valuable, widely used investment asset for many people. But what should you know when you set one up or contribute to one? In this episode, we’ll talk through some of the things you’ll want to consider when using this powerful investment tool.

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Generational Challenges

May 18, 2023

Every generation has had a different experience and are currently at a different life stage. In this episode, Eric talks through some of the financial challenges that Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers face. Understanding and acknowledging these different challenges can help you better plan according to where you are in life.

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Advisor Pet Peeves

May 11, 2023

We all have pet peeves, so in today’s episode we talk about some pet peeves financial advisors have. Eric shares his experience as a financial advisor and sheds light on some things in the industry that can negatively impact both clients and professionals. From cookie-cutter financial plans to hidden fees, these things can really rub you the wrong way.

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Grading Your Financial Competency

May 4, 2023

Financial competency is something that is not taught nearly enough. As an advisor, Eric focuses on teaching not only strategic investing decisions but also the basic foundations of money. It starts by knowing how much you have. Then, ask yourself, how much do you really spend? It’s easy to spend more than you realize, so getting that in check can make a huge difference.

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Financial Lessons from Yogi Berra

April 27, 2023

What kind of financial wisdom can we take from a baseball player’s quotes? Quite a bit! Today’s quotes from Yogi Berra have a bit of humor and a lot of truth when it comes to your financial plan. From navigating annuities to planning for inflation, Eric shares how these quotes can bring a lot of meaning and understanding to our finances.

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Mailbag: Should I be Worried about Investing in a Bank?

April 20, 2023

You may have seen the news about some bank issues with banks like Silicon Valley Bank. Is that cause for concern? If you have money in the bank, Eric explains how much is covered and what you can do to protect yourself. With any investments you make, realize which of the three components you’ll have: safety, liquidity, or growth.

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Ways to Ruin Retirement

April 13, 2023

Building a successful retirement requires careful planning and wise decision-making. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to undo all of that hard work by falling prey to common pitfalls. Rather than risking the enjoyment and security of your golden years, we’ll discuss some ways to avoid these mistakes and secure your financial future in this episode. 

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Financial Mistruths

April 6, 2023

Every once in a while, financial concepts or strategies get misunderstood or misconstrued. It’s important to understand what you have and why you have it. On today’s show, we break down some financial ideals to find the “mistruths” or lies that can mistakenly be adopted.

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What’s the Difference? Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA

March 30, 2023

Roth IRAs have been around for about 25 years, but a lot of people still don’t know how they differ from a traditional IRA. Understanding the difference between the two will help you determine which option is best for your retirement goals. In this episode, Eric shares what you’ll want to know about a Roth IRA and when to use it.

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What’s the Difference in These Financial Items?

March 23, 2023

Some financial products or terms are easy to mix up. They sound the same or might do some of the same things, but there’s still an important difference between them.

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Mailbag: Where Should I Invest after Maxing Out 401(k)?

March 16, 2023

When saving for retirement, a lot of people look to their 401(k). But what happens after you’ve maxed out your contribution based on the yearly limit? Eric explains what options you have to invest toward your retirement beyond a 401(k). This will include money in the different buckets as well as other products to consider.

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Stories People Tell Themselves

March 9, 2023

When it comes to where you’ve ended up financially, you may have a running narrative on how that happened. There are a number of common stories people tell themselves to make sense of their situation. On today’s show we discuss some of these stories and how we can both understand them and improve upon them.

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Financial Main Characters and Secondary Characters

March 2, 2023

When you watch TV shows or movie, it doesn’t take long until you realize who is the main character or who is more of a secondary character. When it comes to your financial life, which strategies, products, or tools are main characters in your financial plan and which ones are secondary?

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