Financial Pet Peeves

Today’s Prep:

What little (or not little) things get under your skin when it comes to financial planning? Are they the same pet peeves as Eric’s? Find out on today’s podcast!

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Equipping Points:

We’ve all got pet peeves in life and the financial industry is no exception. As a financial advisor, Eric has a few pet peeves that he wants to share and explain. Are they the same ones as yours? Is there a better solution? 

Most people hate fees–but is that true for advisors? Eric wants to make sure the fees matches the value received. As a fiduciary, he wants to find what is in your best interest and will disclose any fees. Likewise, watch out for advisors that act more like a salesman than a planner.

What does your financial plan look like? Is it a one-size-fits all plan that doesn’t really apply to you? Is it littered with jargon that you don’t understand? Or is it so big that you don’t even want to look at it? That’s probably not the plan for you.

Instead of being stuck with all of these pestering problems, work with a financial advisor who can meet your financial planning needs with full transparency and expertise.

Listen to the entire episode to hear more of Eric’s financial pet peeves or click on the timestamps below to find out if yours are the same.

[1:11] – Pet peeve: Hidden fees.

[3:11] – Pet peeve: Advisors who work more as a salesman.

[5:16] – Pet peeve: One-size-fits-all.

[6:48] – Pet peeve: Jargon without explanation.

[7:55] – Pet peeve: Massive financial plans.


Today’s Takeaway:

A retirement plan doesn’t have to be 250 pages. It needs to be probably about 10. What you need to learn is: where your income is coming from, what age you plan on retiring, where your income sources are, and how much tax you’ll be paying.  -Eric Peterson

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